1 - 31 Jul 2018

Summer School on Quantum Chemistry

International Summer School “Modern Quantum Chemistry Methods in Applications

Samara, Russia
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1 - 31 Jul 2018
SNRU, Samara, Russia

Summer School on Quantum Chemistry

International Summer School “Modern Quantum Chemistry Methods in Applications


The International Summer School “Modern Quantum Chemistry Methods in Applications” will be held in Samara national Research University from July 1 till July 31 2018.

 Students, graduate students and young researchers who want to master contemporary methods of physical and quantum chemistry to study structure and properties of molecular systems are invited to participate. Real urgent problems will be solved under guidance of leading Russian and foreign scientists.

To participate in the school activities one can choose any convenient period of time during July, but no less than five working days.

 The following topics will be covered:

-          Combined quantum mechanical methods for prognosis of structures and properties of quantum objects;

-         Mechanisms of chemical and energy exchange processes.

Mechanisms of production and oxidation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in combustion zones will be studied using contemporary methods of quantum chemistry; also, rate constants for processes with active forms of oxygen will be calculated.

 Experimental facilities of Samara University and computational resources from International Florida University, Emory University and Samara University will be used. Leading foreign scientists will participate in the school activities, among them: Michael Heaven, Emory University, Atlanta, USA, Alexander Mebel, International Florida University, Miami, USA and Ralf Kaiser, University of Hawai'I at Manoa, Honolulu, USA.

School participants may take part in the International Conference on Combustion Physics and Chemistry (24-28 July, 2018) with or without presentation.

No registration fee for the participation in the International Summer School. 




Samara National Research University

Органзационный комитет:

А.Б. Прокофьев (председатель) - Первый проректор-Проректор по науке и инновациям, Самарский университет;  

В.Н. Азязов - Самарский университет;  

А.Р. Гильдина - Самарский университет;

А.М. Майорова - СФ ФИАН;

П.А. Михеев - СФ ФИАН;

А.П. Торбин - Самарский университет.


Программный комитет

И.П. Завершинский (председатель) - Самарский университет;

В.Н. Азязов (зам. председателя) - Самарский университет;

М.В. Загидуллин - СФ ФИАН, г. Самара;

Р. Кайзер (R. Kaiser) - University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Honolulu, USA;

А.М. Майорова (учёный секретарь) - СФ ФИАН, г. Самара;

С.Г. Матвеев - Самарский университет;

А.М. Мебель (A.M. Mebel) -International Florida University, Miami, USA;

И.А. Платонов - Самарский университет;

В.А. Салеев - Самарский университет;

А.В. Столяров - МГУ, г. Москва;

М. Хэвен (М. Heaven) - Emory University, Atlanta, USA

А.И. Чичинин - ИХКГ СО РАН, г. Новосибирск.


Contacts (Anna Ghildina); (Aleksandra Mayorova)

Cost of participation

No registration fee